Discover Croatia: Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Croatia and one of the country’s most popular attractions with millions of visitors all year round. Listed on the UNESCO List of World Heritage sites, the park is famous for its 16 terraced crystal-clear lakes and 90 waterfalls. With its amazingly unique views, it totally captured my heart and soul.

Best time to visit:

You can visit this place all year round because every season has its own beauty, but my favorite time is in the Spring or Fall. I love the Spring because the water levels are high from the melting snow and Fall has its own charm with all the leaves changing colors, plus weather is pleasant in both seasons. I wouldn’t recommend going in July-August because it’s very hot and it’s the most crowded time of the year. In addition, water levels are lower than usual.

The ticket price varies depending on the season – the lower price is in winter time, up to 8$ while in spring is 17$.

We started our adventure at 10 a.m., but in order to avoid crowds, I recommend you come as early as possible (before 9 a.m.) and plan to leave by noon, or you can arrive in the afternoon when most of the tourists have finished their guided walks. We chose trail H, which is the most popular because it shows a good selection of the park. This trail is about 9km long and it takes about 3 to 4 hours to finish. There is so much to see and I promise you won’t get enough of all the amazing lakes and waterfalls. The crystal-clear water is so unique, but unfortunately for the swimmers out there, this activity is prohibited.

From Entrance One you can see the Big Waterfall (Veliki Slap), which is 78 meters high and there’s a viewpoint at the top of the canyon above. You’ll find Sastavcj Waterfall nearby and if you do decide to go in Summertime, Barać Caves and the Šupljara Cave will make a great break location.

Tips to make the most out of your experience:

  • Come before 9 am to avoid crowds and queuing
  • Pack a picnic lunch with you because the food there is overpriced and tastes bad
  • In order to get there in the morning, I recommend staying in nearby villages so you can get there before opening. You can find really nice AirBnb in the area and the hosts will provide tips for the Plitvice Lakes (route options), Bars and Restaurants, Shops, etc. We stayed in village Rastovača, in a suite for 2 surrounded by garden and nature, very peaceful and quiet, with a great host and delicious home-cooked meals
  • If you want to discover the park for a few days you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities. I would recommend taking a cycling tour around Plitvice Park or you can discover it on your own pace. For the folks out there that crave thrilling adventures you have a lot of options like rafting tours along the Una or Korana Rivers, kayaking or hiking tours
  • For couples out there you can rent a boat and go on a romantic tour and discover all of the natural wonders that Plitvice has to offer.

For me, Plitvice is a magical, once in a lifetime kind of place! It’s hard to believe this beautiful place is even real! With its bluest blue lakes and waterfalls, unique nature and exceptional biological diversity, it will always hold a special place in my heart, it truly was an adventure of a lifetime.


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